Janet Smith

Janet in 'The Birthday Party' by Harold Pinter

Playwright and Author

Writing Murder Mysteries, Plays for Kids, Sketches, Comedies, Short Plays, One-act, Monologues and Drama

To understand how stage works I joined our local theatre club, and trod the boards, and with other companies too. I’ve been involved in Theatre for Education, and also commissioned to adapt long classic poems such as ‘Under Milkwood’, ‘Canterbury Tales’, ‘Paradise Lost’ & ‘Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats’. I write regularly for our local drama club. Murder mysteries are great fund raisers! Three podcasts made by us in isolation during the pandemic, can still be listened to free online at


If you select a Robert Opray comedy drama, ensure you listen to ‘The Assassination of Robert Opray’ before ‘Whatever Happened to Robert Opray’! It will make more sense! Also, on the site is ‘Murder on the Catwalk’, adapted specially for audio. (Both stage and audio versions of this murder mystery are available on this page, to read, download, and if required to licence.)

As a mature student, I took a BA Hons in Writing with Literature at Derby University.

My radio play for BBC R4 Afternoon Theatre ‘The Man in the Moon’ was a Radio Times pick of the week, and short stories have been broadcast on local radio stations.

Many of my stage works have been road tested, and I’ve directed many myself; always a learning curve!

I’m a reviewer for Sardines Magazine.

My novel for children, ‘Gritta and the Witches of Olavland’ is available in paperback and eBook form, from  https://fiction4all.com/ebooks/b17264-gritta-and-the-witches-of-olavland.htm and many online sites, including Waterstones & Walmart.

All of my stage plays are on Scripts for Stage. They’ve been performed in all kinds of venues from windy, muddy tents at festivals, to churches, to village halls, to libraries – oh and theatres! All very simply, and on a shoe string.

I love to see how different directors tackle my scripts, and would be very happy to support any local productions (Nottinghamshire). If your company isn’t local, do please send feedback, and photos if possible, via Scripts for Stage. We’d love to see them. Oh, and don’t be afraid to make a script your own! If something needs a wee tweak, give it one! It’s not Pinter! Or contact me and I’ll take a look.


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