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We publish entertaining, engaging and inspirational works for stage. If you've written something for stage that fits the bill, read on!

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What we publish

We publish comedies, dramas, one-act plays, pantomimes, plays for schools and youth groups, sketches and short plays.

These categories are quite wide however and there can be quite a variety of sub-genres within them.  As long as your work is original and we think we can see a market for it, we're interested in reviewing it.

We're quite happy to consider anything that doesn't fit into the above however; just ask!

We don't charge for publication; we charge the customer for copies of your script and the rights to perform it. We then pay the playwright royalties, the terms of which will be agreed with you before publication.

We only publish scripts in English at the present time.

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Wants and want nots

We want anything we think will be enjoyable for dramatists to rehearse and stage but more importantly, enjoyable for the audience.  As long as the characters are believable, the plot works and the dialogue is good then you're 90% of the way there.  We'll let you know our decision and then ask for more information from you before going through the publishing process.

What we don't want is more of what we have already have.  We may publish a few different versions of the same pantomime with different treatments but if we've got something already, it's unlikely we'll want another one.  Scripts must be entirely original and all your own work.

Remember, everyone is a critic and there are various reasons an individual (the reviewer) would love or hate a script so even if we think your script isn't right, it doesn't mean there's anything wrong with it, it just means it isn't right for us. 

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House Style

You don't have to submit your script to us in our house style but it will help it get published more quickly if accepted.  Have a look at some of the scripts already published in our script library to get an idea of how to format your script.  We think our formatting style makes speeches, stage directions and producer notes clear and easy to follow.

Publishing Process

We need to know what it is you've written, what it's about and what type of script it is.  If we like the idea we'll ask you to submit it to us.  Your script will then be added to the consideration queue and we'll try and get back to you as soon as we can.

If accepted, we'll edit the script, format it for digital publication and make the text available to read on our website.  Our site is copy protected so your script cannot be copied - it has to be purchased and downloaded; usage is in accordance with all the usual copyright laws.

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