Terms and Conditions

  • Scripts for Stage are an on-line publisher therefore all of our products are digital.  We offer downloads of scripts in Microsoft Word and PDF formats.
  • All downloads are available from point of purchase and can be downloaded as many times as you need.  If you encounter any problems downloading your product or accessing the file, please let us know and we’ll try to help however we can.
  • Our search engine makes it easy to find the type of script you need and narrows it down to only the scripts your organisation can produce.  All our scripts are readable online but are subject to copywright so they’re protected from copying, printing and downloading unless you follow the link to the shop where you can download a digital copy.
  • All downloadable scripts are review copies and should only be printed to hand out at read throughs when deciding on which play you will be producing next.  If you decide to stage the script you’ve reviewed, then the performance licence for that play includes the rights to print the script as a master copy in order to share out to your company, producer and director etc.  If you want to produce one of our scripts, you will have to purchase a performance licence.  Most of this fee goes to the playwright and in turn encourages them to write more plays, which is a good thing – so please don’t produce a play without paying the writer their due.
  • Our performance licence fee structure keeps in mind the type of organisation you are, whether your actors are paid, your audience are paying to watch you or you’re using the script in a classroom.  Fill in the number of performances, type of group you are and the size of your venue.  You will then see the cost of the performance licence.  These are valid for up to 12 months.  We only ask you state the name of the playwright and ‘Scripts for Stage’ on your marketing material (posters, programs, press releases etc.)
  • ‘Scripts for Stage’ is a secure site (https://) which means any data you send us through any of our forms is sent encrypted and cannot be seen by anyone but us.  We do not store personal data on our servers and as your financial transactions are sent through Paypal, we don’t receive any of your bank or card details.  We keep your name, organisation details and e-mail address so we can marry up your orders with any enquiries you may make in the future.  This information is all held securely off-line.
  • We can print and post scripts but this process takes longer and costs more money due to admin and postage so it might be better (and cheaper) for you to download a script and print it yourself.  You will need to contact us if you wish to purchase physical copies of scripts, then we can calculate costs depending on how many scripts you want and where you are in the world. Printed scripts are supplied unbound on A4 paper.