Written by Janet Smith

A Murder Mystery to be solved by the Audience

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Set during World War 2, the family of Lord George Withering are summoned urgently to Withering Hall. Imagining the elderly lord to be dying, they rush home, to find him in the best of health and planning to marry a Land Army Girl. This news is not met with universal delight and the family all have reasons for ensuring the wedding does not go ahead. That evening his Lordship gives a banquet in honour of his bride to be, but for one it will be their last supper.

'Heirs and DisGraces' is a murder mystery in the form of a short play where the audience have a chance to interrogate the suspects afterwards.

๐Ÿ‘‚ This script comes with an audio-only version which can be used for radio or on-line performances ๐Ÿ‘‚

Cast: 9 actors with 5F, 3M and 1 Either.

Run-time : approx 40 minutes (not including audience interrogation section)ย (depending on your production).

Photoย of a dress rehearsal

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