Lady Susan:

Jane Austen's Distinguished Flirt

Adapted by Bonnie Milne Gardner

A 2-act Period Drama

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A melodramatic intrigue of love and deception adapted from Jane Austen's novella, "Lady Susan."
A beautiful but scheming aristocrat arrives at the country estate of her dead husband's brother, eager to ingratiate herself to the family's favour, and to escape the anger of yet another jealous wife.

Her heartless strategies to ensnare young Reginald DeCourcy astonish and alarm his family. Surprise and mayhem ensue, keeping the audience in suspense right down to the last despicable stratagem.

'Lady Susan' is a two act Period Drama.

Cast: 8 actors with 5F, 3M.

Run-time : approx 98 minutes (depending on your production).

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