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Spend a little time looking at how our search engine works and you’ll be able to find the exact scripts you’re looking for.

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Search by Type of Script

We publish scripts in lots of different Genres.  Most popular are Pantomimes but you can also use this drop-down to find Comedies, Dramas, Plays for Kids, One-Act Plays, Sketches and Short Plays.  If you click into a category, this search box will disappear, making it easier for you to narrow down your search further.  To get back to the start, click on ‘Script Library’.

Length of Script

The length of a script is quite fluid, depending on how you produce it.  You might add songs or interludes for example.  Search using this category and you’ll find scripts that should fit into the time-slot you are looking to fill.  This search is particularly useful for use in revues and competitions.

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Minimum Actors Needed

Some smaller theatre groups may need to search for scripts that can be performed by a small cast (such as scripts with three characters needing three actors or six characters performed by three actors doubling) or indeed, larger groups may need scripts with many roles.

Maximum Roles

Choose this option if you want to bring back all the scripts that your group is able to produce, based on how many actors you have. If you’ve got ten actors, choose ’10 or less’.  This will show you all the scripts that have ten or less roles in them.

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Number of Characters

Use this part of the search if you’re looking for a script with a particular number of characters in it.  If you’ve got 10 actors and you want everyone to get a part, choose this option.

Search for Tag

Looking for scripts about Elves? School? Cheese? Or simply looking for inspiration? Search by tags!

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Text Search

The final search is helpful to find keywords in the titles of the plays.  Try typing in ‘Cinderella’ and see what happens.

Power search

One final word on the search engine – if you select more than one criteria, it will narrow down the scripts that are found so you can be very specific about what you want to find.

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