Where there's a Will there's a Way

Written by Gary Diamond

A 2-act comedy murder mystery

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It is the reading of Sir Reginald Stanley's Will. Caspian Othello Duke an out of work Shakespearian actor and his friend Norman Trumpton an ex-detective are hired by the late Reginald Stanley to also attend due to suspicion of a reaction from the reading of the Will.

With the benefactor poisoned and another attempted murder to investigate, it is up to the inept Caspian and slightly more competent Norman to find out who is behind it all and why.

'Where there's a Will there's a Way' is an entertaining fast-paced full length verbal comedy in two acts with one set.

This is a comedy murder mystery with no audience participation.

Cast: 15 actors with 7F and 8M

Run-time : approx 88 minutes (depending on your production).

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