Telling Tales

A short humorous play for kids

Written by Rosie Strahan

Read the full script for 'Telling Tales' below

'Telling Tales' won the national competition 'As You Write It', a showcase of work by talented playwrights between the ages of 7-16 run by the BBC's 'The One Show' in collaboration with The Shakespeare North Playhouse in September 2022.

Jack and Jill have been invited onto a talk show to discuss who pushed Jack down the hill. Guests discuss the events of that fateful day. False accounts, truth, lie detector tests and storm-offs abound but will we find out whether Jack fell down the hill or if he was pushed in this fast-paced, farcical parody?

The play is ideal for small cast school plays or youth theatres.

Cast: 7 actors with 2F and 2M & 3 Either (5 actors with doubling)

Run-time : approx 32 minutes (depending on your production).

This script is copyright Scripts for Stage and cannot be printed or performed without permission.

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