A Moving Experience

Written by Gary Diamond and Ray Lawrence

A 2-act farcical comedy

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After seeing a 'for sale' sign on a house, a couple of male bank robbers (disguised as Husband and Wife) try to lay low for while and pretend they've turned up to view the property. Things get twisted when some real viewers, two undercover policemen and three identical bags turn up, only one of which contains the stolen money.

'A Moving Experience' is an entertaining fast-paced full length verbal comedy in two acts with one set.

This is a classic farce full of exaggerated improbable plot devices, puns and misunderstandings.

Cast: 13 actors with 4F, 8M and 1 Either

Run-time : approx 80 minutes (depending on your production).

This script is copyright Scripts for Stage and cannot be printed or performed without permission.

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