Michael Armstrong, the factory boy

Adapted for stage by Michael Morton

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Based on a novel by Frances Trollope first published in 1840; Michael Armstrong, a child working in the cotton mills of Lancashire 'rescues' a noble lady from a cow standing in her path. As a reward she persuades her wealthy mill-owner friend to take the boy in.  Michael soon displeases his benefactor who arranges for him to be apprenticed to the remote Deep Valley Mill where the regime is brutal. On learning of the appalling conditions that children have to endure in factories, heiress Mary Brotherton sets out to find Michael and bring him home.  On visiting Deep Valley she is told that Michael has died and so adopts a factory girl in his place.

Ten years later we learn that Michael had in fact, escaped from Deep Valley. Upon learning that Mary has also adopted his own brother, they are all united just as a new Act is passed improving the conditions for children in factories.

Cast: 26 actors (16 with doubling) with 13M, 13F. Run-time : approx 103 minutes.

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