King Arthur and the Knights of the Pantomime Table

A traditional Pantomime in 2 acts

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After the king decides not to return from the crusades, a new king must be chosen. Twin Brothers Prince Arthur and Prince Percy must contest the throne; the prince who is purest of heart will be able to pull the sword from the stone and become the rightful king. Percy however tricks Merlin into casting a spell to make his heart purest, ascends the throne and sets about banning fun in the kingdom and attempting to summon an army to protect him.  Unfortunately, he summons Falstaff (a clumsy conceited knight), Sleeping Beauty (who spends most of her days dozing), Robin Hood and Peter Pan (who embarrassingly have turned up wearing the same outfit).  Robin, Peter and Beauty join Arthur's quest to reinstate fun to the kingdom and help him to take his rightful King, in return for being sent back to their own Pantomimes.

Cast: 12 actors with 5M, 3F and 4 either. Run-time : approx 108 minutes.

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