The Forgotten

A 2 act drama for children

Written by Eleanor Mallinson

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The Forgotten is a place all things go when they have been... well, forgotten.  Toys, objects and even people! The Acquirers, who search for forgotten souls take Becca, a phone-obsessed teenager, to The Forgotten to meet their quota of souls for the year, assuming her to only exist in the virtual world. Becca is confronted by the toys she mistreated and has since forgotten about, who swear revenge.  It soon becomes apparent that there are still people who remember Becca so the acquirers have to return to the real world to erase their memories.  Will Becca, with the help of a long forgotten imaginary friend, escape, learn a lesson in humility and talk to someone about the reasons she uses her online persona to hide from the real world?

Cast: 24 actors with 4M, 8F and 12E (additional non-speaking extras possible)

Run-time : approx 92 minutes.

This script is copyright Scripts for Stage and cannot be printed or performed without permission.

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