Captain Cobalt versus the Sinister Scientist

A vaudeville-style comedy in 2 acts

Written by Sarah Rae Brown

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Captain Cobalt is an up-and-coming superhero trying to balance her heroic deeds with her secret identity, a lowly pet store clerk. She battles everything from giant squid monsters to cheese-themed super-villains, encountering bystanders (and a love interest) along the way. The final showdown is with Captain Cobalt's nemesis, the nefarious Dr. Killington; a mad scientist who insists that she is the hero of the story.

This is an off-the-wall comedy with audience interaction.  The staging can be as minimal or elaborate as the production requires. A main part of the humour is derived from the fact that all the props are bananas. 

Cast: 2 actors with 2F (playing 18 characters).

Run-time : approx 100 minutes (depending on your production).

Photos from a performance in New York City

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